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We are committed to being the strategic partner that helps you deliver care to build a better, healthier future for our world. We are focused on and have been purpose-built to help you take on today’s healthcare complexities.

  • Reliability

    Supply chain disruptions and product failings can present real threats to the health of your organization. When your supply chain is unreliable or you exper- ience poor product performance, there are measurable costs – both human and financial.

  • Standardization

    Now more than ever, healthcare facilities are faced with mounting pressures to simplify, standardize and increase effi- ciencies in order to improve the overall financial health of the hospital system.

  • Knowledge & Expertise

    We are constantly involved in learning and expanding our collective base of know- ledge. When we share that knowledge and expertise with our customers, we all learn and grow.


In 20221, the group's overseas companies successively provided Paraguay with COVID-19 testing reagents, filling the gap of Paraguay's lack of COVID-19 testing reagents, which was reported by the mainstream media in Paraguay . . . .

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Shenyangcomeboard Technology(ShenYang) Co.,Ltd Established in 2005,construction area is20,000 square meters, 100000 class medical grade clean workshop is more than13000 square meters.  we have more than 25production lines. our's main products are Disposable Syringe, Infusion set, mask and so on medical devices. . . .

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