The disposable infusion set is used to inject fluid into the human body and has contact with body cells. The product is widely applied in the clinic for intravenous infusion and is only for single use. This aims at avoiding intersected infection among the patients.

1 Close roller clamp

2 Prepare I.V. solution container (bag or bottle)

3 Remove protector from the spike and insert spike into I.V. container.

4 Suspend I.V. container and squeeze flexible drip chamber until fluid level reaches the line.

10 simple ways to use an IV infusion set

5 Attach needle to set

6 While holding needle upright, open roller clamp and expel air bubbles from the set. Close clamp.

7 Make venipuncture

8 Open clamp and regulate flow by adjusting roller.

9 Replace every 24 hours.

10 Single use only, discard after use.

Warning: Do not use if the package is opened or protectors are detached. Sterility is guaranteed unless the package is opened or damaged.