Project Description

  • Burette for Pediatric
  • Drop bottle Burette Pediatric parts
  • Burette Pediatric parts
  • Stopper puncture
  • Air Filter


Key Features:

Giantdid is a well-known supplier and manufacturer of excellent quality Burette Pediatric.

Our Burette Pediatric are loved and valued by the vast number of customers for their high durability, precise size, fine surface, and high strength. Besides, our products are manufactured with quality-approved raw materials under the guidance of technicians, No recycled materials.

1. High-quality Raw Materials

No recycled materials and high transparency and no harm to people and the environment.

2. Applicable People

For infants, children and low-dose and slow drip infusion.

3. Safety Shut-off Valve

Once the burette is empty, prevent the formation of bubbles in the fluid pipeline.

4. Easy To Use

Individually packed and sealed and sterilized.

5. After Aseptic Processing

Sterilized by ethylene oxide without pyrogen.


Product Name                            Burette Pediatric more
Model                                                20 drop,  60 drop
Sterilization Period                          36 months
Place Of Origin                                        China
Storage                                                        Seal

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    1. Gravity infusion only, no use in the high-pressure infusion system.

    2. For the production batch number and validity date information, please see the Product QC.

    3. Avoid storage in high-temperature or high-humidity places.

    4. Keep away from chlorine-containing disinfectants.

    5. For one-time use only, therefore the package is damaged or the protective cover falls off and it is prohibited to use.

    6. Prohibition of infusion of drugs incompatible with PVC.

    7. This product cannot store or infuse with fat-soluble liquids or drugs. For instance fat milk.

    Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?


    Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?