Project Description

  • Infusion tube
  • Infusion set with packing
  • Infusion set with detail
  • Burette with detail


Key Features:

Giantdid is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of intravenous syringes and needles.

The aim of our company is to provide greater comfort for patients, safer and easier to use products for clinicians, and medical supplies contaning effective and low-cost hypodermic syringes.

1. Easy To Impale, The Angle Of Bezel Is Standard

The syringe needle is made of stainless steel of high quality, the level of the open mouth is smooth, the angle of the bezel is standard, so it is easy to impale and can reduce the pain when injecting.

2. Durable Performance

This product is made of medical-grade polyvinyl chloride(PVC), which ensures the infusion apparatus be of high strength and stability.

3. High-quality raw materials

The flow regulator, helical interface, drip pot, and bottle stopper puncture device are all made of high-quality raw materials, there are no renewable materials.

4. Easy To Use

Each infusion apparatus is individually packed, and the product is sealed and disinfected, ready for use, convenient and sanitary.

5. No Bacteria

This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide, sterile and with no heat source.


Product Name                     Infusion set with needle (more)
Model                                        0.55ml,0.6ml,0.7ml,0.8ml,0.9ml
Sterilization Period                          36 months
Place Of Origin                                        China
Storage                                                        Seal



1.Don’t use in the transfusion system of high pressure, only can be used for gravity transfusion.

2. Avoid storaging in the places of high temperature and high humidity.

3. Please keep away from chlorinated disinfectants in storage.

4. Only for one-time use; Do not use when the package is damaged or the packing bag is detached.

5. Don’t use for the infusion of drugs that are insoluble with PVC.

6. Don’t use for the storage and infusion of fat-soluble liquid and medicine such as fat milk.

Use instructions

1. Please check if the small package is undamaged.

2. After inserting the bottle stopper puncture device into the infusion bottle,invert and pinch the drip pot,and loosen drip pot when the liquid flow to 1/2 of the pot. The air in the tubes will be exhausted by this method.

3. Close the flow regulator, get the protective jacket of the syringe needle and start a venipuncture.

4. The flow speed of liquid can be controlled by a flow regulator.

Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?

Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?