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Key Features:

Giantdid is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of insulin syringes and syringe needles.

The aim of our company is to provide greater comfort for patients, safer and easier to use products for clinicians, and medical supplies containing effective and low-cost insulin syringe.

1. Good Sealing Performance

The needle cap has a standard conical angle combined with the needle to reduce leakage, and the piston head is made of high-quality rubber and contacts with the needle tube closely without any gap.

2. Easy to impale the angle of bezel is standard.

The syringe needle is made of stainless steel and the bevel of the open mouth is smooth, so the pain when injecting is small. The needle is detachable and replaceable.

3. Easy To Use

Each syringe is individually packed,and the product is sealed and disinfected, ready for use, convenient and sanitary.

4. Durable Performance

The product is made of medical grade polyvinyl chloride(PVC)and has high stability.

5. Having Clear Scale

The scale on the tube wall is clear, so it is easy to read number when injecting.

6. Piston Head Fits Well With Tube Wall

Fine workmanship, the piston head is made of rubber and closely adheres to the tube wall without any gap.


Product Name                                      Insulin syringe
Model                                                          0.5ml,1ml ,more
Sterilization Period                                36 months
Place Of Origin                                            China
Storage                                                            Seal

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    1. The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide, sterile and with no heat source.

    2. This product is suitable for intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous and intradermal injection.

    3. Don’t use when the package is damaged,the protective jacket is detached or there is foreign matter inside.

    4. Please use it immediately when open the small packages to avoid contamination.

    5. Please tighten the needle seat before use.

    6. Only for one-time use, please destroyed after use.

    Use Method:

    1. Open the small bag and take out the syringe from the small package.

    2. Take the protective jacket,insert the needle into liquid, pull back the core bar, and draw the liquid into the outer coat of the syringe to the required scale.

    3. After exhausting the air in the outer coat of the syringe,the intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous and intradermal injection can be performed as usual.

    4. Please discard the waste into the specified container after use.

    Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?


    Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?