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Key Features:

In Giantdid we aim to provide a competitive price and medical products with excellent quality and performance.

We promise that the quality and safety of our products are supreme.

Our gloves are made of natural latex with fixed and thicker sleeves, which make it become the ideal choice for high-risks clinical operation.

1. Imported Materials Efficient For Bacteriostasis

Made of natural latex that can provide you with health, safety, and softness.

2. Good Performance For Resisting Puncturing

Solid, durable and wearable with strong toughness.

3. Easy To Use

Easy to wore and suitable for different hand types, Can be stretched freely, nicely fitted and kept firmly.

4. Slight Pitted Surface For Firm Holding

It has the excellent grip strength to ensure that will not slide down when worn to fetch something.

5. Good Precision Without Leakage

It is made precisely without any leakage. It can be put into water or touch some humid objects.


Product Name                              Latex Surgical Gloves (more)
Model                                                   6″,6.5″,7″,7.5″,8″,8.5″
Sterilization Period                                36 months
Place Of Origin                                            China
Storage                                                            Seal

White of Latex Gloves 6



1.These are disposable surgical operation gloves. Please don’t wear them if you are allergic to the natural latex.

Instructions For Use:

1. This product is not divided into right and left hands, please choose suitable hand-size gloves.
2. Upon wearing the gloves, you shall not wear rings or other ornaments and shall trim your fingernails.
3. The gloves are disposable products. The used gloves shall be disposed of as the medical waste to prevent the environmental pollution caused by the germs.
4. Be sure not to directly expose the gloves to strong rays, such as sunlight or ultraviolet ray.

Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?

Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?