Project Description

  • one-Handed Nitrile Gloves and Display
  • One-Handed Display
  • Two-Handed Stretch Nitrile gloves
  • Show the flexibility of the glove


Key Features:

In Giantdid we aim to provide a competitive price and medical products with excellent quality and performance. We promise that the quality and safety of our products are supreme.


Nitrile Gloves are widely applied to production of electronics, chemical, aquaculture, glass, food and other industries, hospitals, and scientific research institutions; it has been widely used in installation of semiconductors, precise electronic components, and instrument, and operation of viscous metal vessels, as well as high-tech product installation and commissioning, disc drives, composite materials, LCD display meters, circuit board production lines, optical products, laboratories, hospitals, beauty salons and other fields.

1. Outstanding Anti-chemical Effect

Resistant To Certain Acidity And Alkalinity, Able To Provide Good Chemical Protection For Corrosive Substances Like Solvents And Petroleum.

2. Good Physical Performance

Quite capable in anti-tear, anti-puncture, and anti-friction performances.

3. Comfortable Design

Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear and preferable for blood circulation.

4. Merely Allergic

Contain no protein, amino compound, or other harmful substances.

5. Environmental-friendly

Greatly reduce time of degradation, easy to propose.

6. Anti-static

Silicon-free, suitable for electronic industrial production.

7. Low Surface Chemical Residual

Low ion and particle content, good for clean room use.


Product Name                                        Nitrile Gloves (more)
Model                                                            S,M,L,XL
Color                                                            Blue, Black
Place Of Origin                                            China
Storage                                                            Seal
Package                                        100pcs/box, 10boxes/carton


Storage Conditions:

Be sure to store the gloves onto the shelf, with a height of 200mm from the ground, in a cool and dry warehouse (with an indoor temperature of 30 degrees and below and relative humidity of 80% and below).

Instructions For Use:

1. This product is not divided into right and left hands, please choose suitable hand-size gloves.
2. Upon wearing the gloves, you shall not wear rings or other ornaments and shall trim your fingernails.
3. The gloves are disposable products. The used gloves shall be disposed of as the medical waste to prevent the environmental pollution caused by the germs.
4. Be sure not to directly expose the gloves to strong rays, such as sunlight or ultraviolet ray.

Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?

Interested in Discussing Your Medical Supplies Needs?