Can the needle be reused for injection? What are the hazards?

1. There are currently two forms of syringe needles: plastic and glass. Generally speaking, due to the lower processing cost of plastic needle tubes and the further avoidance of the risk of spreading diseases through blood, they are all disposable sterile syringes. Syringes of glass materials are still used in medical treatment, because they need to be sterilized with an autoclave every time they are used up, which is troublesome, so their application is limited.
2. It is illegal to reuse plastic needles even if the needles are replaced.
3. For glass needle tubes, it is acceptable in a certain sense after being sterilized in strict accordance with the standards. However, it is impossible for some small rural clinics to carry out disinfection as required, which increases the risk of cross-infection to a certain extent. Although the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration encourage the use of disposable sterile syringes, there are no laws and regulations expressly prohibiting the reuse of syringes, which is still blank in this regard.
4. The biggest hazard of repeated use of injection needles is the spread of blood diseases and cross-infection.
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