Insulin needle less syringe?

1. Convenient. You don't need to look for needles like traditional syringes, and you also have two needle caps. This one and that one, it's a lot of trouble to get a needle. If there is no needle, you can directly pull out the cap and hit it, saving many steps.
2. Safe, to be honest, there are few needles that are not reused and there is a risk of infection. Needle-free syringes do not have this worry. In addition, it is also very troublesome to bump into and touch needles when injecting. Needle-free syringes do not have this worry.
3. Flexible, because both physical and psychological pain has been reduced, you can take whatever you like. If you want to eat watermelon in the afternoon, you can have an injection. If you want to add food, you can have an injection.
1. High failure rate. "The needle is slightly tilted or does not hold, or for various reasons, it can cause injection failure or drug leakage, resulting in insufficient actual injection dose and high blood sugar.".
2. Tight. Needleless injection is administered through the instantaneous pressure of a high-pressure air pump. When pressurizing the air pump, it requires a very large amount of hand force. How much is it? It's about as big as screwing the bottle cap, but the only thing that tightens the bottle cap is that once it is screwed, it immediately loosens, and the needle free injector is always tight.
3. The minimum dose is large. The minimum injection dose for this model I use is 4 u, which is too small for some people, but it is already large enough for me to cause hypoglycemia. Generally, 2 u injections are enough.
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