How to choose an insulin needle?

Currently, there are insulin needles syringe with a diameter of 4mm, 5mm, and 8mm on the market. The two main factors to choose are thickness and length. The thickness of the needle is indicated by the English letter G, and the larger the value before G, the thinner the needle. For example, a 31G needle is thinner than a 30G needle, a 32G needle is thinner than a 31G needle, and a 33G needle has less pain than a 32G needle. In general, the thinner the diameter of the needle (that is, the larger the G value), the less pain and tissue bruises it causes to the patient. For example, among the currently available needle specifications, 34G needles are the thinnest, resulting in the least pain and bruises.
The length of a needle is expressed in millimeters (mm). Generally speaking, 4mm and 5mm needles are commonly used at present. "Insulin must be injected correctly into the subcutaneous tissue layer to ensure stable insulin absorption, and the correct choice of pillow length is one of the keys to ensuring this.". Research has shown that no matter for children or adults, normal weight or overweight patients, as long as the correct injection method is used, a 5mm needle can meet the needs of effective injection.
The combination of thickness and length constitutes a certain needle size, such as 0.25 * 4mm, or 0.25 * 5mm. Under the guidance of doctors and nurses, patients can choose the appropriate size according to their own needs. In order to meet long-term, effective, and accurate insulin injection, high-quality needles must be considered comprehensively in terms of thickness, length, sharpness, smoothness, and firmness, in order to minimize pain and bruises caused by long-term injection, thereby improving treatment compliance, and improving long-term blood sugar control.
Advantages of insulin injection needle products:
1. Professional certification: passed ISO9001, ISO13485 quality system certification and CE product certification
2. Complete specifications: complete specifications, including 33G * 4mm as the shortest needle, suitable for use by various groups of people;
3. Five in one needle, technology industry upgrading
Ultrathin needle wall: Ultrathin needle wall has fast flow velocity, short retention time, no harm, large flow, and no residual insulin crystals;
Conical needle: Conical needle structure design to minimize skin stress area damage and increase drug delivery pressure;
Multi-point needle surface: Diamond cut surface (conical structure) with 8-point coating stress is the first in the world to significantly reduce the friction coefficient between the needle and human muscles;
Needle tip insensitivity: The 20-layer reinforced composite of the needle tip is incomparably hard, strongly reducing the resistance during the process of piercing into human muscles and soft tissues;
Tiny needle point: thousands of times of high-speed grinding, the needle point is smaller than the human pores, further reducing the size of the needle entry point.
5. High applicability: the product can be used together with various insulin injections
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