RF Body & facial Slimming beauty series advantage

RF Body & facial Slimming beauty series 

1) Virtually painless non-surgical and non-invasive treatmen
2) No downtime so you can resume daily activities immediately
3) Precise heating ensures an effective treatment
4) Safe for all skin types and all skin colours
5) 0-0.07 MPA adjustable vacuum can suck the tartget area into the space between the
two rollers which are actually 2electrodes. This can make the treament accurately and
effectively. It can also make the treatment more comfortable. The auto- rollers can do
massages as well
6) 5MHz bipolar radio frequency (RF) with two rollers can penetrate into the layer of
0.5- 1.5 cm below the skin to work on adipose tissue effectively
7) 700 2000nm infrared light can heat the connective tissue to accelerte the regenera-
tion of collagen and elastic fibers. It can also improve the blood circulation and lymph
circulation to promote the metabolism

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