Do hunchback strap correctors really work?

Posture Correction Artifact "Back and Back"
Why do we hunchback?
The causes of hunchback are mainly divided into two categories: spinal deformity9, weak back muscle strength, and muscle relaxation.
If the skeletal deformation is caused by improper posture since childhood, it is difficult to achieve improvement only through physical exercise.
If it is a hunchback caused by muscle relaxation, it can be corrected by strengthening physical exercise and conscious adjustment.
And most of us are not tall and straight because the back muscles are weak and the muscles are loose and arched.
When our posture is not correct, the thoracic spine protrudes backward, because the thoracic spine is like the foundation of the cervical spine, the foundation is inclined, but in order to maintain the eye level
Flat, the neck has to move forward, thus forming a hunched neck forward 9 rounded shoulders.

The back of the chair is straight and the waist is so tiring. Let’s hunch your back. You can’t see the screen clearly when you look up. Just stretch your neck forward a little. When you reach out for the mouse, wow your shoulders
It's so stiff, sore, and crackling, why don't you just hunch your back and feel uncomfortable all over your body!
This series of operations lead to increased pressure on the thoracic spine, lumbar spine, and cervical spine, and tension on the back muscles and fascia caused headaches and dizziness.
Memory loss, shoulder and neck numbness, chest tightness, shoulder impingement & , limited joint mobility and a series of problems....

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