What are the principles and limitations of orthodontic appliances?

Most orthodontic devices on the market use elastic bands to directly pull back both sides of the shoulder, forcefully straightening the spine, so that you have no
By hooking your shoulders forward, you can maintain a straight and upright posture.
1. Ribs compressed and respiratory obstruction
It may have been effective at the time, as it was indeed trapped and unable to move, but as long as your strength was greater than it, it could do nothing for you. To fulfill it
The tension given is not enough for people with severe hunchbacks to pull back, but instead can cause compression on their ribs and hinder breathing.
2. Compress the axillary nerves and blood vessels
In addition, most of the designs for corrective bandages on the market are two elastic bandages that pass through the armpit and are fixed on the back. After wearing them for a long time, the bandage compresses the body to the armpit
Meridians and blood vessels can also cause fingers to feel cold and numb, hunchback not cured, and blood circulation problems to occur I have to say that this bug is really counter intuitive

3. Upper narrow and lower wide sternum protrusion
Not only that, but if worn for a long time, it can also increase chest pressure and cause narrow shoulder syndrome. Overall
Narrow in appearance and wide in width, with protruding sternum and disappearance of clavicle.
Having said so many drawbacks, wouldn't it have any benefits? Yes, if you want to appear tall and upright in a short period of time, you can still wear it for a while.

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