What is the purpose of orthodontic forceps? Where can I purchase?

During the orthodontic process, I am not sure if my friends have noticed it. Dentists usually use special shaped forceps, and after a lot of effort, they finally remove the problematic tooth from the patient's mouth. So what is the use of orthodontic forceps? Where can I buy it?
Usage Introduction
It should be noted that there are various types of orthodontic forceps, and there are significant differences in their actual use. For example, the small sun and moon pliers are mainly used for bending bow wire Omega, in addition to the bow wire cutting pliers, which are usually used for cutting hard bow wire with a diameter of less than 0.8 millimeters; End cutting pliers are used to cut off excess arch wire tips. In addition, their special design can keep the arch wire from facing the oral cavity after processing, and from a specification perspective, it cannot exceed 0.56 * 0.71; Huo's forceps mainly insert the company directly into the clamping tube and ligate it directly.

Purchase Route
Although there are many types of orthodontic forceps that require guidance from a doctor when used. However, there are relatively many purchasing channels. Firstly, you can also log in to major online platforms, where you can choose according to your actual needs. In addition to online platforms, you can also go to professional medical device institutions for purchase. However, from a price perspective, if it is in large quantities, you can also enjoy a certain discount. If the purchase quantity is relatively small, then the cost is relatively high. It should be noted that although the internet is very convenient and there are many purchasing channels, it is recommended that everyone should go to a professional institution for treatment when they have dental problems, which is also more effective.

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