Is the pulse oximeter accurate? Is it worth buying? This type of population is recommended to buy!

Who should pay attention to blood oxygen?
Pulse oximeter: family self inspection
You can keep a pulse oximeter at home, which is a small clip on your finger to measure blood oxygen.
People who may have respiratory problems
Patients with asthma, chronic bronchitis, sleep apnea syndrome and other chronic respiratory diseases, those who are receiving home oxygen therapy, and those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and are prone to hypoxia, can always have a pulse oximeter at home.

Oxygen saturation, what does it measure specifically?
To know whether the measurement is accurate or not, one must first understand the basic concept of blood oxygen.
Blood oxygen is the abbreviation of oxygen saturation. As the name suggests, it is the oxygen content in human blood. It is an important parameter of the human body and is often regarded as the "fifth vital sign" after respiration, pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Blood red and white: As we all know, the exclusive transportation of oxygen is the foundation of all life activities. However, as mentioned in the middle school chemistry textbook, oxygen is not easily soluble in water.
So how does our blood combine a large amount of oxygen and deliver it to the tissues and organs of the body?
It relies on hemoglobin, which carries a large amount of oxygen molecules through chemical binding.

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