What syringes are there?

Safety syringe: This is a syringe for the safety problems of disease transmission and wound infection during the injection process. This syringe usually has the characteristics of needle concealment and self-destruction, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of medical accidents.
Disposable syringes: Disposable syringes refer to syringes that are discarded after injection, which can reduce the risk of cross-infection and pollution, and can also avoid the cross-infection of reusable medical equipment.
Syringe scale: scale can help medical staff quickly and accurately grasp the amount of liquid injected. The scale of the syringe should be legible and accurate, so that the user can correctly grasp the dosage.
Syringe material: The material of syringe has a direct impact on the health of users and patients. High-quality syringes should use non-toxic and harmless materials, such as polypropylene, to ensure the health and safety of users.
Intelligent syringes: Intelligent syringes refer to syringes that integrate sensor, computer, control system and other technologies. It can automatically detect the type and dosage of drugs, and adjust the injection speed to ensure the safety and accuracy of medication.
Precision syringes: precision syringes refer to syringes manufactured with specific technologies, such as microsyringes, precision syringes, etc. These syringes can accurately control the flow rate and dosage of liquid medicine, and are suitable for occasions where precise control of dosage is required.
Syringe disinfection: before using the syringe, it is necessary to disinfect the syringe to ensure its safety and health. The syringe sterilization technology can ensure the sterile state of the syringe and effectively reduce the risk of infection.

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