What are the types of syringes?


Syringes are commonly used tools in the fields of medicine, life science and laboratory, and are mainly used for drug administration, blood collection, injection or liquid measurement. The following are common types of syringes:

1.Disposable syringe: usually made of plastic, including needle, syringe barrel and piston. It can be discarded after use.
2.Reusable syringe: usually made of metal or plastic. The syringe barrel can be reused, but the needle needs to be replaced.
3.Automatic syringe: It is used to inject liquid medicine and vaccine slowly through automatic drive mechanism.
4.Syringe pump: It is an electronic syringe, which can achieve accurate drug delivery by adjusting the flow rate and flow rate, and is often used for long-term drug infusion.
5.Ear syringe: It is a kind of syringe specially used for ear, mainly used to inject drugs or detergent for ear.
6.Enemator: mainly used for intestinal treatment, such as enema, defecation, etc.
7.Liquid dispenser: It is a syringe used to distribute small amount of liquid, which is often used for laboratory operation.
8.Blood collector: mainly used for collecting blood samples, including venous blood collector, capillary blood collector, etc.

It is necessary to select appropriate types of syringes according to the actual needs, and follow the use specifications and health standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of use.

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