How long can light curing resin fill teeth?

The so-called dental light-cured resin filling is actually the use of light to solidify the composite resin, which has been applied in cavity filling, tooth defect repair, veneer repair and so on. But in fact, from the perspective of the historical development of dental filling, there are two kinds of curing forms of resin used for dental filling in the clinical application of oral cavity, which are mainly divided into chemical curing and light curing. The former does not need light, and the latter needs light irradiation to make the resin become harder. So, how many years can light curing resin be used for filling teeth? Friends who have undergone light-cured resin filling also have different opinions about the service life. Some people say it can be used for 5-10 years or less, while others say it can be used for less than five years, but most of them still say it is OK to use it for about five years.

In fact, the life of resin filling teeth is also affected by many factors, mainly including the following points.

1. Personal eating habits
Although the light curing resin itself has strong wear resistance, and it looks no different from real teeth, it is not real teeth after all. If you regularly eat some excellent food, it is inevitable that the tooth filling material will fall off due to wear and other reasons.

2. The step of cavity preparation is particularly critical in the light curing resin filling by doctors, because doctors need to prepare the cavity according to personal tooth conditions. If doctors are not skilled, it is likely that the size or shape of the cavity will directly affect its retention and resistance. That is to say, a skilled doctor can prepare a cavity with a very good shape, so that the retention and resistance can be guaranteed, and the maintenance time can basically be more than five years! If the cavity is poorly prepared, it is easy to cause the resin material to fall off, and may need to be re-filled in a short time, so the service life is naturally short.

3. The selection of adhesives is essential in the process of light curing resin filling, but adhesives are also imported and domestic, so there will be a slight difference in quality. The performance of imported adhesives will be better, and will also have a certain impact on the service life! Of course, the choice of adhesive is still based on the selected resin material, not necessarily imported!

4. The light-cured resin filling position can be divided into anterior teeth and posterior teeth. The material of posterior teeth has stronger compression resistance and wear resistance, so its service life may also be longer than that of anterior teeth.

5. Personal care
If the oral cleaning and nursing work is in place, it can better maintain oral hygiene and is also beneficial to the service life of the teeth after filling

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