Do you know the needleless insulin injector? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

The principle of the needleless syringe is to release a certain pressure to make insulin become a "liquid needle" and inject it into the subcutaneous tissue.
There are two main advantages of needleless syringes
1. Avoid pinprick and pain
For sugar friends who fear needles, needleless syringes without needles can effectively alleviate the fear of insulin injection and improve the comfort of injection. And even if sugar friends are not afraid of needles, they will inject 4 needles a day for a long time, and 1460 needles a year. Over time, it will inevitably lead to boredom, and it is also easy to appear induration and bruises on the body.
Needle-free syringe uses the principle of high-pressure jet to make insulin pass through the front micropores and inject into subcutaneous tissue instantly, with low pain and small wound. There will be a small red spot on the body after injection, but it will soon disappear.
2. Good sugar control effect
After injection with the traditional insulin pen, the insulin will gather into a "ball" shape between the subcutaneous tissues, which will produce hardening after a long time, directly affecting the absorption and utilization of insulin, leading to blood sugar fluctuations.
The needleless syringe can make the insulin appear foggy, so that the contact area between the insulin and subcutaneous tissue is larger, the absorption time is shorter, generally 10 to 15 minutes can be absorbed, and the insulin is more fully used, and it is not easy to produce induration. Because the insulin absorption rate is better with a needleless syringe, the amount of insulin used can be reduced.

3. High security
The traditional insulin pen needle is not recommended to be reused.
Because the needle is very smooth when used for the first time, with a silicified layer on the surface.
After 1-2 times of use, the surface of the needle will become rough and there will be barbs.
After 6 times of use, the barb becomes very deep. This will cause great damage to the subcutaneous tissue. There will also be obvious pain when injecting, and there is also the risk of breaking the needle. It is not easy to take it out when it breaks into the body.
Repeated use can also cause needle blockage. It will affect the accuracy of insulin injection dose, which will lead to blood glucose fluctuation.
After repeated use, the needle will carry a lot of bacteria, which is very easy to cross infection.
Some sugar lovers will choose to wipe and disinfect with alcohol, but this will destroy the silicified layer on the surface and cause injection pain. The thinner the needle, the easier it is to produce barbs.
The needleless syringe has no direct physical contact with subcutaneous tissue, which can effectively avoid cross infection.
This needleless syringe can guarantee 7000 to 10000 accurate injections, and is not easy to breed bacteria and corrosion resistant. Therefore, even long-term use can ensure the safety and accuracy of injection.
Of course, needleless syringes also have disadvantages
1. The price is on the high side
The price of needleless syringes is 1000 yuan, and there are also some subsequent costs on consumables. But the needleless syringe can make the insulin absorption rate higher, reduce the amount of insulin, and reduce the cost of insulin to a certain extent.
2. Larger than insulin pen
Needle-free syringes are generally larger than insulin pens.
The needleless syringe is smaller in shape than other needleless syringes, and weighs only 75g.
Compared with the traditional insulin pen, the needle free insulin syringe has certain advantages. It is suggested that diabetes patients choose it according to their actual conditions.

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