Circumstances that can be treated with orthosis:


(1) When one or more joints need to be fixed; Such as joint weakness or deformity caused by sequelae of polio.
(2) When a certain deformity needs to be corrected or prevented from further aggravation: for example, congenital clubfoot. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, etc.
(3) The purpose is to compensate for the lost function: for example, patients with upper limb paralysis can use the balanced forearm orthosis to facilitate eating and completing some activities of daily life.
(4) Improve walking function; For example, patients with foot droop use plastic ankle-foot orthosis.
(5) For the purpose of reducing and eliminating the weight bearing of limbs: for example, the osteochondral type of femoral head can use the hip abduction and internal rotation orthosis with the weight bearing of the hip.
(6) Used to promote fracture healing: such as various fracture orthoses.
(7) It is used for limb protection after operation.
(8) Use orthosis temporarily while waiting for surgery.
(9) Used to improve the appearance of limbs.

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