Usage and precautions of syringe

Syringe is a common medical instrument, which is used to inject liquid medicine or other liquids into the human body. The basic structure of the syringe includes syringe barrel, syringe piston, syringe needle, needle head and other parts. Syringes can also be divided into various types according to the different drugs used, including disposable syringes, reusable syringes, self-destructive syringes, etc.
Disposable syringes refer to syringes that can be discarded after one use. They are widely used in hospitals and clinics because of their convenient use and no need for cleaning and disinfection. Repeated use of syringes requires disinfection before use, so it is troublesome to use. However, due to the low price, there is still a certain market demand. The self-destruction syringe can automatically destroy the injection needle to avoid being used again by others, thus improving the use safety.
In addition, syringes can also be classified according to needle length, diameter and other parameters to meet the injection needs of different drugs. In short, the syringe is an indispensable medical device, and its development process has been constantly evolving and improving.
Usage and precautions of syringe
Syringes play a vital role in medical work, but improper use may bring unexpected risks. Therefore, the following points should be noted when using syringes:
First of all, select the correct syringe model and specification. Different drugs need to use different types and specifications of syringes, so you should carefully check the drug instructions and select according to the actual needs.
Secondly, the injection site needs to be disinfected before injection to avoid bacterial infection and other problems. At the same time, attention should be paid to the use of correct injection techniques in the injection process to avoid problems such as needle falling off and too deep needle tip.
Finally, attention should be paid to the treatment of syringes and needles after injection to avoid cross infection and other problems. Disposable syringes can be discarded directly, while reusable syringes need to be disinfected.
In short, the correct use of syringes can avoid unnecessary health risks. Therefore, medical personnel should carefully operate syringes and follow relevant specifications and standards to ensure injection safety and effectiveness.
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