What are the characteristics of insulin needle less syringes?

For sugar lovers who need daily insulin injections, they not only need to overcome fear of needles, but also need to endure the pain caused by long-term insulin injections. With the continuous development of technology, the current needle free technology has become relatively mature, so what are the characteristics of insulin needle free syringes?
For needle phobic patients, long-term insulin injection can cause sugar friends to fear and feel disgusted by insulin injection. In addition, using an insulin pen for long-term injection, insulin cannot be fully absorbed by the body, resulting in induration. Psychologically, a needle less syringe does not need to pierce the skin during injection, but can be inserted subcutaneously and injected directly against the skin. Needless needles, it can alleviate the fear and pain of sugar friends during injection. In terms of injection sensation, the injection pain sensation of a needle less syringe is smaller than that of a traditional needle based syringe. Many sugar users experience feedback that they feel as if they were lightly flicked, without significant pain. To be precise, it is minimally invasive and minimally painful. A needle less syringe allows insulin to be injected instantaneously into subcutaneous tissue through a 0.17 mm micropore in the front end of an ampoule bottle. After the injection, there was only a very small red spot on the skin. "Because it is in the form of a" liquid needle "that injects insulin into our subcutaneous tissue, it spreads in a mist after entering the subcutaneous tissue, which can effectively protect our subcutaneous tissue.".
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