Absorption effect and safety of insulin needle less syringe:

1. Absorption effect
"Sugar lovers who use traditional needle syringes will more or less experience some induration because insulin has a synthesis promoting effect. Repeated injections of insulin at the same site can lead to subcutaneous fat hyperplasia at that site. Repeated injections of insulin at that site will lead to a decrease in drug absorption, prolonged absorption time, and further fluctuations in blood sugar.". The needle less injector utilizes an internal pressure system to allow insulin to enter the body in a diffuse state, and the drug is dispersed in a mist between subcutaneous tissues, which is more conducive to absorption and does not accumulate drugs, effectively preventing the formation of induration. And the absorption speed is also very fast, and it only takes 10 minutes to be completely absorbed. After injection with a traditional needle injector, an irregular water droplet with a diameter of about 5 mm is formed under the skin, and it takes about 30 minutes for the limited capillary absorption around the injection site.
Because needleless syringes do not allow drugs to accumulate, insulin can be absorbed more thoroughly, and therefore there is no induration or hyperplasia.
2. Safety
Needleless syringes can effectively prevent cross infection. Using a traditional insulin pen for injection requires frequent needle changes, preferably one at a time, as repeated use of the needle can lead to burrs and barbs on the surface, causing secondary damage to our tissues and increasing the pain during injection. It is also easy to cause needle tube blockage because the insulin remaining in the real tube is prone to form crystals, blocking the needle tube, and affecting the next injection. Not only that, it can also lead to fluid leakage during injection and waste of insulin.
When injecting, a needle less syringe does not need to penetrate the subcutaneous tissue, effectively preventing dust, bacteria, etc. from entering the subcutaneous tissue. It can also avoid long-term insulin injections and repeated acupuncture leading to skin cyanosis. The main body of the needle less injector is made of steel, which is very durable and corrosion resistant. It can achieve accurate injection of 7000 or more times, and multiple injections will make it safer to use for a long time.
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