Precautions for syringe use?

1、 Syringe
Injection is the process of using a needle to extract or inject gas or liquid. This process is called injection. The syringe is composed of a syringe with a small hole in the front end and a matching piston core rod. When the core rod is pulled out, the liquid or gas is inhaled from the small hole in the front end of the syringe, and when the core rod is pushed in, the liquid or gas is squeezed out, which is the most commonly used method in medical institutions
2、 Precautions for use
1. At present, syringes used by medical institutions are generally plastic products and "disposable" products. Reuse of disposable syringes is prohibited.
2. This product is sterilized with ethylene oxide and must be used within the expiration date.
3. If the single package is damaged and the sheath falls off, it is forbidden to use it and scrap it.
4. The product should be stored in a ventilated and dry room with relative humidity less than 80%.
5. After normal use, it shall be collected and disposed as "injurious medical waste".
3、 Operating instructions
1. Tear the single packaging bag and take out the syringe.
2. Remove the protective sleeve of the injection needle, pull the core rod to slide back and forth, and tighten the injection needle.
3. Then draw in the liquid medicine, and push the core rod upward slowly to remove the air.
4. Conduct subcutaneous or intramuscular injection or blood extraction.

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