Now our primary and middle school students are doing eye exercises,
We all know that eye exercises have a great protective effect on our eyes
But do you know how to do eye exercises is the best? Of course, find the corresponding acupuncture points.

First step: rubbing the bamboo point

Separate your hands naturally in a snatch shape, place your thumbs on the Cuanzhu acupoint, and relax the other eight fingers on your forehead. Massage the Cuanzhu acupoint with your thumb in a rhythmic circle inward with the music.

Step 2: Press Qingming Point

Use the index finger of two fingers or the thumb and index finger of one hand to press the Qingming acupoint and relax the rest of the fingers.

How to do eye exercises?

Step 3: Press and rub Sibai acupoints

Place the index fingers on both sides of the four white points, relax the rest of the fingers, and rub the index fingers inward in a circular motion according to the beat.

How to do eye exercises?

Step 4: Rub temples and shave eye sockets

Place the thumbs of both hands on the temples, and the second knuckles of the index fingers against the inner corner of the eye socket. When the music starts, the thumb does not move, and the index finger scratches the eye socket from the inner to the outer wheel.

Step 5: Rub Fengchi acupoint

Relax your neck, lower your head slightly, place your index and middle fingers behind your ears at the Fengchi acupoint, and follow the music rhythm outwards in a circular motion.

How to do eye exercises?

Step 6: pinch earlobes and toes

Clamp the earlobe on the side of the thumb and index finger of both hands, pull it down from the top with a little force in accordance with the beat of the music, and do a gripping movement with both feet and toes.