During the epidemic, our passports may expire. What should we do when this happens?

You can post the mailbox to the consulate you belong to and explain the reason. It is because the passport has expired. We will worry about the invalidity of the identity and the illegal stay.



Because some files may be needed:

1. Passport, copy of passport data page, and remarks page with content

2. Two forms in the appointment notice

3. Photos of dark clothes with white background (before I went, I confirmed that the self-service camera can still be used by email; I took the self-service camera on the second floor of the consulate, and I charge $10 banknotes and credit cards, and prepare banknotes just in case)

4. Prepaid USPS envelop with tracking (around $7), the post office person will stick a tracking barcode and stamp, and fill in his name, address and mobile phone number at the recipient’s sender

5. Money order $23 (walmart seems to be the cheapest, 88 cents)