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Gutta Percha

Gutta Percha

10 Boxes New Gutta Percha Points for dental use Color coded CE ISO
Gutta Percha Points is a dental material which do not irritates tissues and periapical areas. Gutta percha is possible before filling the root canal. it allows to fit the point inside the root Canal.

1. CE ISO approved
2. Flexible and pliable, yet stiff enough to be inserted into the root Canal
3. Uniformly hand-jig rolled.
4. Carefully graduated sizes and tapers.
5. Sterile and highly absorbent.
6. Color coded tips for easy identification of sizes
7.Don't autoclave or heat sterilize
8.Store in a cool area.

Contains: Gutta Percha, Zinc Oxide Barium Sulfate, Coloring Agent

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