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Automatic Hematology Analyzer

Automatic Hematology Analyzer

Large LCD touch screen 3 part Automatic Hematology Analyzer
Automatic Hematology Analyzer is intended to count red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in blood samples, and measure the hemoglobin volume and the calculate relevant parameters of blood cells.

• Double-channel test, up to 60 samples/hour.
• Automatic cleaning & maintenance of the liquid system at regular intervals.
• Report gives 3 histograms, 21 test parameters and abnormal sample alarm.
• Large LCD touch screen, high-definition color monitor, no need external computer, easy and convenient operation.
• In-built printer, automatically print test result.

Classic Electrical Impedance Method
Loading a constant current power supply at both ends of the small hole, so when blood cell passes through the hole, a voltage pulse will appear at both ends of the hole. The pulse height is proportional to the cell size, and the number of pulses equals to the number of cells passing through. Accordingly, blood cells are counted and classified.

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