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Disposable medical Protective Clothing for hospital with CE

Disposable medical Protective Clothing for hospital with CE

Products Description

SMS non-woven fabric, one-way ventilation, volatilize internal hot air, block internal air, avoid direct contact, good
tensile strength, thick and durable
FLUID RESISTANT: These surgical Gowns shield from sprinkles of liquids, bits of particles and microbes during procedures. Keeping in mind the safety and hygiene of the patient and provider.
Practical Design: The gown features fully closed, double tie backs, with knitted cuffs easily can be worn with gloves to provide protection.
Double Tie Design: The gown features the dual ties at the back of the waist and neck which creates a comfortable and secure fit.
UNIVERSAL SIZE: These gowns are sized to give body full-coverage security to medical professionals, dental specialists, and other health or lab services suppliers as well as patients requiring safety. Designed to give a larger than standard fit and maximum protection, it has a back vent and back tie to give the desired comfort and allow you to work freely and properly.
QUALITY: Dust-proof, breathable, durable and effective isolation of pollutants. Clothing is lightweight, breathable and comfortable.
color optioan:green,blue,yellow
chest and hands are the most easy to expose to blood,so usually add the reinforced
ICU using
blue color is the popular color
reinforced is the chest and the hands

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