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Inkjet blue printing medical x-ray film

Inkjet blue printing medical x-ray film

Product Features
1. The coating is uniform, using the world's advanced equivalent coating technology
2. Good color reproduction, high saturation, strong picture reproduction level, good printing quality, and can clearly express images and text
3. Blue semi-transparent appearance, smooth and smooth surface, anti-skid and anti-static treatment, effectively improve output efficiency
4. The surface of the film is specially treated, which can be observed and perspective at any angle, with good visual effect
5, three-dimensional, color, functional imaging at a glance! Reading is no longer limited by time and space!
6. Don't be picky about printers. Generally, ordinary inkjet printers print very good results and are easy to save.
7. Good color-fixing performance, can effectively prevent image ink spots from smearing and prolong the storage time of printed film
8. Non-toxic, no odor and no harmful gas

Material PET
Product specifications and performance parameters:
According to customer requirements, the arc angle can be cut.
Thickness: >0.10mm
Transparency: Blue/Translucent/Waterproof

Inkjet Printing Medical Imaging Blue Film / Medical X-ray Blue film
Material Polyester Film (PET Base)
Thichness/Base film 175 microns
Sheets size Customize size
Color Blue
Application Output of medical image such as X-ray, CT, CR, DR, MR
Inks Support Pigment & Dye inks

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