What is the role of the family pulse oximeter?

In medicine, blood oxygen level is a reflection of a person's physical quality, and oxygen saturation (SpO2) can reflect the important parameters of the blood circulation system and the respiratory and circulatory system, which can determine whether the human body is healthy or whether the surrounding environment is anoxic. Therefore, blood oxygen monitoring equipment can play a rapid warning role in this smokeless battlefield.
The pulse oximeter not only plays an important role in treatment, but also gradually becomes one of the important daily physiological monitoring means for ordinary families, which can help us to understand our own health status more comprehensively.
Measuring principle of pulse oximeter The working principle is to use photoelectric blood oxygen detection technology in combination with volume pulse recording technology, use two beams of light with different wavelengths to pass through the transmissive finger clip sensor, irradiate the human finger tip, and gradually acquire the measuring signal by light sensitivity. The acquired information is processed by electronic circuits and microprocessors, and the measured results are displayed on the display screen.
Oxygen saturation is usually above 95%, which is the normal level of the human body. When the blood oxygen concentration is at a low level, it will affect the normal work of the heart and brain. In addition, many clinical diseases will also cause a lack of oxygen supply, which will directly affect the normal metabolism of cells, and seriously threaten human life. Therefore, real-time monitoring of oxygen saturation is very important in clinical rescue.
Wearable medical devices used to monitor important physiological parameters of the human body are playing an increasingly important role. The finger clip pulse oximeter device is small, comfortable to wear, and can continuously and accurately provide key health data. It can update and detect blood oxygen and pulse data anytime and anywhere. Although the current pulse oximeter can not clearly remind whether we are infected with COVID-19, it is indeed an important indicator that we should pay attention to health at ordinary times. Taking daily physical exercise as an example, oxygen saturation can be used as a reference to assess whether the body is loaded after exercise. In addition, cardiovascular disease is one of the reasons for the high mortality rate in the Chinese population, and it is now increasingly becoming younger
Therefore, in addition to the portable pulse oximeter, other devices capable of monitoring oxygen saturation data are also good choices.
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