Don't blame me for not telling you about needles!

1、 Hazards of repeated use of "injection needles"
Many patients, like the old lady, reuse injection needles for saving or other reasons, which is also a common problem among diabetes patients. In fact, this practice is very harmful, and it will only increase costs and not "reduce the burden". Why do you say that?
After the injection needle is reused, the residual solution in the needle will affect the accuracy of the injection dose. If the residual insulin forms crystals, it will also block the needle. In addition, the needle used for a long time will also cause hook bending that is not easy to find with the naked eye, and the needle tip will become blunt; In addition, it will be disinfected and wiped with alcohol during use, which destroys the silicified layer on the surface of the needle and increases the injection pain.
Second, repeated use greatly increases the probability of needle breakage, which may cause serious consequences in the body due to the broken tip, let alone increase the risk of infection!
And with the increase of the number of repeated use of needles, the repeated use of needles leads to subcutaneous fat hyperplasia, blood sugar fluctuation, blood sugar is not easy to reach the standard, and the amount of insulin increases, which ultimately increases the cost of treatment.
2、 The choice of insulin injection needle is very important
1. The number of outer packaging of injection needle is easy to be ignored
Generally, the length and thickness of the needle will be marked on the outer package of the injection needle we buy. For example, 4mm is its length, and 34G is its thickness.
The larger the number, the thinner the needle, and the less painful it will be. At present, the thinnest needle on the market is 34G.
2. A few centimeters of needle is safe and effective
The injection guidelines recommend that it is safer and more effective to use 4mm needles for adult patients of all body types, regardless of height, height, fat and thin, and the lower the pain score. It is easy to operate without pinching the skin.
3. Needle usage
Finally, sharp items such as used injection needles should be put back into the original packaging and put in the sharp tool box. The insulin pen injection needle should be "thrown away after use". Don't use the needle for a second time!

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