Purpose of orthosis

The use of orthopedics is a common treatment method in clinical orthopedics or orthopedics, and is often used in spine surgery, orthopedics trauma, and joint surgery. The main purposes are as follows:
1. Local protection: local protection can support, stabilize, fix and protect;
2. Reduce pain: It can relieve local spasm and joint pain. After trauma or surgery, due to local soft tissue injury, spasmodic pain or local aseptic inflammation is easy to occur. Under the protection of orthosis, it can relieve the spasm and pain of muscles and fascia and avoid further aggravation of inflammation;
3. Reduce weight bearing: orthosis can also reduce weight bearing, especially lower limb orthosis. After lower limb surgery, the affected limb cannot bear weight in the early stage. Under the protection of orthosis, the weight can be reduced, so as to avoid secondary injury, such as secondary fracture, internal fixation fracture, etc., and thus promote the regression of inflammation.
4. Orthopedics and immobilization: some orthopedic operations, such as scoliosis surgery and structural orthopedics for bone deformities, are used to achieve the effects of orthopedics and immobilization after operation, and to cooperate with internal fixation to achieve the corresponding effects.
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