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3ml Luer Lock Syringe 23 Gauge Irrigation Needle Notched Tips

3ml Luer Lock Syringe 23 Gauge Irrigation Needle Notched Tips

Product Features

 * Structure: It consists of barrel, plunger, piston and hypodermic needle. The hypodermic needle is an optional accessory; the barrel and plunger are made of polypropylene and the piston is made of rubber.
 * Style: central head type, off-center type and luer lock type;
 * Function: This product is suitable for subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular, intravenous injection, etc., or the use of liquid medicine;
 * Specification model: 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 35ml, 50ml, 60ml;
 * Supporting injection needle specifications: 0.3, 0.33, 0.36, 0.4, 0.45, 0.5, 0.55, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.1, 1.2mm.


Product Use

1. PulI back the plunger to charge the syringe with solution.2. Press plunger forward to complete injection until it reaches the stop position. Lock mechanism will be activated and locks plunger in stop position. An audible“Click”will sound.
3. Forcing the plunger backward will cause it to break dispose safety in a disposable container.

Product Application

Product Specifications

Product name Irrigation Needle with 3ml syringe 
Material Stainless Steel+plastic
Size 23G/25G/27 G/30G 
Model  notched
Color Blue 23G, Green 25G, 27G Yellow, 30GPink
Description Irrigation Combo Needles is a disposable, 3ml luer lock syringe combination used for irrigating tooth canals. COMPARES TO: Monoject Endo Irrigation needles. Contains: 100 X 3 cc luer-lock endo irrigation syringes packaged with 100 X 1” bendable monoject style (notched) needle tips. Color coded for easy identification.
  Flow control notched tip permits greater irrigation of tooth canal
  Fluid pressure at apex is significantly reduced by notch tip design
  Color-coded translucent, polypropylene hub fits tightly on luer lock syringe
  Permanent graduations
  Leak-proof, pharmaceutical-grade rubber plunger tip
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