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Spa Products Fat Burner Slimming Body Butt Lift Body Sculpting Massage Machine Rf Tighten Skin

Spa Products Fat Burner Slimming Body Butt Lift Body Sculpting Massage Machine Rf Tighten Skin

Product Description

It is a new and promising technology for non-surgical body contouring, fat
andcellulite reduction. It's safe ,effective with worldwide proved clinical efficacy.

Product Principle

This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for cellulite has four components, which to-gether have been shown to be effective in tightening and smoothing skin: radio frequen-cy energy (RF), infrared light energy, and mechanical vacuum ,automatic rolling mas-sage.
●Infrared light (IR) heats the tissue superficially
●Bi-polar radio frequency (RF) heats tissue up to 20 mm in depth
●Vacuum technology ensures precise delivery of energy
●Mechanical manipulation improves lymphatic drainage and cellulite smoothing

Product Advantage

1) Virtually painless non-surgical and non-invasive treatmen
2) No downtime so you can resume daily activities immediately
3) Precise heating ensures an effective treatment
4) Safe for all skin types and all skin colours
5) 0-0.07 MPA adjustable vacuum can suck the tartget area into the space between the
two rollers which are actually 2electrodes. This can make the treament accurately and
effectively. It can also make the treatment more comfortable. The auto- rollers can do
massages as well
6) 5MHz bipolar radio frequency (RF) with two rollers can penetrate into the layer of
0.5- 1.5 cm below the skin to work on adipose tissue effectively
7) 700 2000nm infrared light can heat the connective tissue to accelerte the regenera-
tion of collagen and elastic fibers. It can also improve the blood circulation and lymph
circulation to promote the metabolism

Product Application

1. Body Shaping and Slimming
2. Cellulite Removal
3. Wrinkle removal, face-lift, skin tightening, etc
4. Body contouring

Product Specifications

RF Energy ≤ 50w
Infrared Light Energy ≤20w
Spectrum range 700 – 2500 nm
Vacuum 0-0.07MPa 0-50Hg
Spot size Body---55mm x 55 mm Arm----30mm x 20 mm
Mode Shape and Smooth
Body Treatment Hand Piece Size 80x40mm
Arm Treatment Hand Piece Size 20x20mm
Dimension 39x45x115cm
Net weight 40KG
Power Supply Requirement 230VAC, 50--60HZ









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