1、Get standard large loop bands if you want versatility.
The vast majority of resistance bands are large loop bands. They’re closed loops with no handles, and they give you the highest number of options when it comes to available workouts.

They come in a variety of different lengths, but you can always wrap them around your anchor or feet more than once to artificially make them shorter if necessary.

If you know you won’t need a ton of resistance or you’re buying the bands to do physical therapy exercises at home, buy therapy bands.

They’re the same thing as loop bands, but these sets usually have a lighter resistance.

Latex tube resistance band

Latex tube resistance band

2、Buy mini-bands if you’re a little short on space.Mini-bands are the same thing as large loop bands, except they’re a lot smaller and the resistances are condensed.
In other words, a light large loop band and a light mini-band will provide the same level of resistance, but you won’t need to pull the light band out super far.
This makes them ideal if you’re doing home workouts in a small space.
  • With mini-bands, you may not be able to do a lot of standing exercise where the bands wrap around your feet.
  • But you can actually use them for a variety of exercises where they wrap around your ankles, thighs, and wrists, which can be difficult with bigger bands.
  • There are also figure-8 bands out there. They usually have handles, and they’re designed for upper body exercises.
  • They aren’t super popular, but they’re a good choice if you only want the bands for a handful of chest and arm exercise.
Latex tube resistance band-1

Latex tube resistance band-1

3、Get bands with handles if you want a better grip.If you only want the resistance bands for upper body exercises and you want maximum wrist comfort, buy a set with handles. These bands are typically a little more expensive, but they’re worth it if you want to keep your hands comfortable while you’re working out!
  • Since you can only hold the handles with your hands, you can’t do any lower body exercise where the bands need to be wrapped around your legs
Fitness pull rope

Fitness pull rope